Towards Perfecting Search

Infolution's Information Research Tools and Code Engines Promise Better Results for Organizations Large & Small

04/10/2008 by Richard Doherty

Nearly a decade ago, Bill Gates stood six feet from me and proclaimed to our assemblage of industry analysts that: "Good news! We've had some breakthroughs! Contextual recognition is just a few quarters away." Today, for Microsoft and its prime search rivals, Google, Yahoo and IBM, contextual or semantic search, still appears as distant as the horizon itself.

However, today, thanks to patented research and innovative semantic search implementations productized at Infolution, more than 200 organizations globally (including Intel, Philips and U.S. Homeland Security) routinely enjoy enhanced contextual search results. Derivative research and information glut handling tools licensed by Infolution support searches across multiple languages, databases, data warehouse architectures and poorly scanned documents both private and public.