Solving Information Complexity

By Henk Alles, CEO Infolution


Having the right information at the right time is absolutely essential to one's business. "Information is power!" or so the saying goes. But while information is a valuable resource, information overload can pose a serious problem.

Current studies show that presently available knowledge management technology only find correct answers about three times out of ten. Worse still, they retrieve countless irrelevant documents, costing time and increasing user frustration. Because search technology has not progressed at the same rate as data has grown in volume, and because those search technologies are keyword or concept based, the current generation of knowledge management applications has failed to satisfy expectation.

In addition, the largest source of information that is unstructured sources, so far lackes technology to search, retrieve and convert information into knowledge. The current generation of knowledge management applications will never create a useful user experience that adds value to business.

Infolution addresses the fundamental issue: retrieval based on semantics (context and relationships) using techniques involving uncertainty and ranking of effective retrieval instead of Boolean or Bayesian logic. This new methodology is a significant change from the standard techniques of indexing and formal querying.


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