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Intelligent and qualitative data research with Infolution

No matter what type of organisation you work for or what type of function you perform, qualitative data research is becoming more important and demanding. Performing good data research depends on finding things fast and on being comprehensive and accurate. No organisation commands enough language skills to be able to scan through the entire universe, which is why the right research solutions are vital: you need to quickly find the needle in the haystack.

The Infolution Research solution is an affordable and qualitative data research software that enables machines to become smarter. By using new and patented algorithms developed over the last years, the Infolution Research solution finds the meaning of documents. The research software is knowledgeable about words, fragments and context. It copes with associations, synonyms and homonyms and different languages.

The Infolution Research software understands the meaning of text, automatically and without prior human efforts.

Our research solution facilitates data research by handling almost every type of text document, like Word, PDF, email and presentation files.

The benefits of the Infolution Research software are impressive:

  • Speedy access to information.
  • High accurate and relevant data research results.
  • Automatic content summaries.
  • Scalability with data sizes.
  • "Filters" separate relevant from irrelevant information in order to speed up the data research process.
  • Intuitive interfaces.
  • Associative help.


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