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Web Search & Retrieval

Powerful search technology lets you easily retrieve relevant data online

Search technology has always been a pillar of the Internet and the sophistication of in-house search software and search tools can be a determining factor in the degree of a company's success.

Infolution Web Search and Retrieval is an intelligent search tool which makes users effective and efficient in finding what they look for. Our search software is easy-to-use and intuitive. Unlike first generation search technology, where you encounter a high level of noise and frustration, Infolution Web Search and Retrieval gives you a high level of precision and recall. Our search software not only finds the relevant information, but also provides the unique capability to automatically summarize any type of document or multiple documents into one. The search tool result can dynamically be tailored to the respective audience or user.

It is Infolution's vision to unlock the Internet for any user. Everyone should be able to benefit from this new advanced search technology.

The Infolution Web Search and Retrieval solution is perfectly positioned to address these demands. The innovative search solution is unique in many ways. The search tool does not only recognise content, but it also interprets it.

The resulting benefits for the user are impressive:

  • Innovative search technology provides speedy access to information.
  • Scalability with data sizes.
  • "Filters" separate relevant from irrelevant data.
  • Intuitive interfaces make the search tool easy to use.
  • Automated categorisation of documents.
  • Automatic content summaries.
  • Associative help.
  • The search software returns highly accurate and relevant results.


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