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Corporate data comes in many shapes and forms and can be structured or unstructured. The amount of corporate data needing to be processed and stored into the company database is unprecedented and is estimated to double every six to twelve months. Your company's most valuable asset is the collective knowledge of its employees. Infolution Enterprise Search solution allows you to further exploit that asset by transferring that knowledge efficiently into corporate data to be processed and stored in company databases.

The Infolution Enterprise Search solution gives companies the ability to share company database information in ways never before possible. An effective and proper handling of corporate data prevents companies from duplicating efforts, ignoring mistakes and prolonging work processes. It organizes corporate data and gives companies the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Infolution Enterprise Search software solves problems at enterprise, business and departmental levels by adding value in many business processes.

Accessing the right general and corporate data in the company database is necessary for making good business decisions - and fast access to vital data results is a competitive edge. The impact of enterprise search solutions on the effectiveness of employees is very important.

Infolution Enterprise Search provides a competitive edge without exposing an organisation's most important assets, information, to others. This software is designed to address all demands of enterprise search users. It does not only provide corporate data or information, but knowledge, since context information is provided. Other key benefits for enterprise search users include:

  • Automatic summary of corporate data from multiple sources.
  • Applicable to structured and unstructured text data.
  • Automated categorisation of documents in company database.
  • High accuracy and relevance.
  • Automatic extraction and indexation of knowledge from data.
  • Very fast access to information.
  • Unlimited scalability with data sizes.
  • Intuitive interfaces.
  • Associative help.


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