Service and Support

Infolution recognises that every customer has unique requirements. Even though our modular system is easy to install and implement, we understand that customers want us to fine-tune our software to meet their individual needs. We offer our customers various levels of product development, customer implementation services and support. Our service and support price structure is predominantly based on time and materials, although a fixed price structure is also an option.

We believe that everyone in our company needs to understand how our products are used and how they can be optimised for each specific customer; therefore all of our technicians are involved in both product development and customer implementation. This makes us unique in the industry. Our customers and OEM partners value this uniqueness after having experienced alternative approaches. Infolution's expertise, flexibility and ability to quickly create unique customer solutions are some of the aspects about our company that our users value most.

Our founder and CEO is unquestionably one of the world's leading experts on web 3.0 search and retrieval technologies and he is personally involved in each of our projects. This is truly unique to our offering.

In countries outside of the Netherlands, Infolution works with distributors. These distributors work closely with Infolution in building expertise to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Infolution strives for quality above quantity.