TechConsult report

Information Overload and its Challenges

Information overload is proverbial and we already have trouble keeping our heads over water, given the reams of documents from various sources in diverse file formats. The end of information growth is unforeseeable. Numerous companies got hurt by the fact that knowledge has to be considered as being the fourth production factor (besides ground, capital and work) and, hence, a strategic competitive factor.

Not only the worst case scenario - loss of information due to quitting knowledge workers - can make a crucial impact on companies. Also, the decrease of productivity by reinventing the wheel all too often generates additional costs in today's vibrant and highly competitive markets and is therefore a major issue for almost all companies. Not only for big businesses, but also for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), the adequate use of knowledge becomes more and more a core factor of success and is therefore

crucial in order to stay competitive and highly innovative - even if more pragmatic needs like time-saving in context with Enterprise-Content-Management (ECM) and IT-solutions are at present in the limelight of most business objectives.