Our value proposition

Infolution helps you to reduce the amount of time it will take you to find what you are looking for. We can also significantly increase your ability to actually find the needle in your haystack and are able to extract from it essential information. As a result, your information search and retrieval system will be uniformly more efficient and effective. This translates into an increase in productivity from your knowledge workers.

Infolution can simplify information from text data that are structured or unstructured, from corporate databases, emails, blogs, files, intranets or internet site. We provide our users with technology which is easy to use, affordable, interactive and accessible from their desktops.

There is no need to replace your current system, as Infolution can co-exist in your current environment. Implementing our system does not require a great investment of time or money.

Infolution is unique in that we help you to classify, store, retrieve, process and comprehend enterprise critical data in the same way that humans do, except having all the advantages of automation.

Infolution is the ideal organisation to interact with you because we are knowledgeable and responsive. Our solutions are modular and can easily be adapted to meet your unique environment. The people who build the solution also help you implement the solution, in that we are unique, but than again we are unique in so many ways. Since we realize that every customer have their own specific requirements, we make sure that we tailor our solution to your specific needs. Having one of the worlds most knowledgeable authority on search and retrieval technologies for web 3.0 personally involved in each of our projects is something you will not find with any of the possible alternatives you might consider.