What people say about us

"It only took us 6 weeks to integrate Infolution technology into our solution. I continue to be impressed by the support I am getting from their employees."
René de Vries, Director of HowardsHome

"Superb and robust search technology that learns and organizes with use combined with automated knowledge acquisition tools.
In short: low cost + high impact = high ROI"
IT director

"With Infolution's InfoRaptor engine that was introduced in version 1.5 Infolution moved ahead of the competition. With the introduction of version 2 they're widening the gap by making installation, deployment and maintenance the easiest of any KM product.
Infolution has made a bold move to reassert its position as the leading innovator in the corporate search and knowledge management market by launching what it claims the easiest knowledge management application in the market. And without a doubt: the most affordable."
Warwick University

"For me Infolution is the first system that finds stuff effective, fast and easy and with comprehensive results. Instead of re-typing my question into four different systems Infolution for the first time makes everything available froma single box on the screen."

"Great tool! Unbelievable what these guys from Infolution have put together into one easy to install package. This is beyond good value for money; it's dirt-cheap!"
Manager call center

"BCT's motto is 'Guiding Documents'. Infolution's commitment to our business has helped to fulfil that motto. In fact, they add to our company's USPs. The software is integrated into our most important products and processes. It is exciting to see that the software still has a tremendous growth opportunity. It is scalable to much higher demands than what we have implemented so far."
Willy Thans, Business Manager of BCT

"Infolution was the key to get Sharepoint accepted by our employees. It made the document based system workable and the inflow of documents over the past month is staggering. Best thing is that the integration was done in a day since both Systems talk to each other via XML and web services."

"We have been working with the Infolution product for about three weeks now; it changes the whole process of reading and interpreting. We now spend only 20% of our time reading documents and 80% doing actual analysis. It used to be the other way round."
Financial analyst

"Half the productivity battle on my desktop is finding information that's already there. Infolution has proved to be a significant performance enhancer."
Communication consultant

"Jupiter reports told us that effective search functionality ranked as the most important online shopping feature. Incorporation of the Infolution e-commerce edition has proved them right. The conversion rate has definitely gone up"
e-commerce portal proprietor

"Rather than spending hours researching each individual source and wading through irrelevant documents, Infolution puts the most information at my fingertips."
Marketing specialist